Services offered with bath or groom:
Teeth - $10
De-shed - $10
Dremel - $5
Rush - $10
Services offered without bath or groom:
Teeth - $10
Nails - $10
Dremel - $15
Anal Glands - $15
Under eyes - $5
Trim rears - $10
Pads - $10

We accept local checks, cash, debit and credit cards
You may stop in to watch or see our place anytime however you can't watch us groom your pet as they tend to Not Pay Attention to the groomer
We will try all Difficult pets
We will not release damp pets unless something comes up and the owner has to have the pet immediatly - but not in winter
We prefer to teach your puppies how to be groomed rather than just groom them- this helps them to learn to enjoy the experience- we involve you so you can help them with the things they don't prefer
We do not use heat in our drying system
We never noose a pet around the neck - always under one leg and over the shoulder
When water is applied to pets it's kept between 74 and 78 degrees
All pets are offered water and a walk if we have them more than five hours
All crates are disinfected with pet friendly products only
All collars are removed before putting pet in a cage to prevent strangulation
All tips are given to the groomer not placed in a tip jar and split

Since 1991
Treated Like Family
Super Clean Facilities
Vets charge $40 for anal gland and nail trim regardless of dogs size; we charge $30 for anal gland, nail trim and ears, starts at $40 for big dogs.